is a myth that computers can go EVERYWHERE on the Net becouse the ONLY WAY to see EVERYTHING is to 
have computer service as well as Web TV service 
and BOTH is the modern fad or you will miss 

They used to tell you, this trick only works for Web-TV.

This has now slightly changed!!

Sometimes you have got to break the rules a little.

The nice thing here is you can now have a moving background that works for your computer friends and your Web-TV friends too!!

That is why it was decided to make the moving backgrounds on the previous page. (If you click the red button titled Vamp, it will take you to that page.) If you use the moving images on the previous page, this idea will work. If you use a JPG or a non animated background, with these codes the background will only move for Web-TV.

The moving images on the previous page are designed to work for most computers.

The background will move differently on a computer than on Web-TV. The point is they will move as a background for both. They will move on a PC without any extra codes. The idea then is to make them work for Web-TV too.

You can make them work two different ways on Web-TV. The yspeed code will make your background move in a vertical pattern while the xspeed code will move the background in a horizontal pattern.

If your using a computer, and you want to do something nice for your Web-TV friends, these codes are the ticket. Keep in mind they will not work on a computer. For this reason they will not effect the performance of your pages for anybody using a computer.

At this time, this is the only way to make backgrounds move on Web-TV.

The yspeed can be controlled by entering a number to adjust the speed. I would recommend a speed between 5 to 10. If your using a computer, any faster could make your Web-TV friends dizzy and they may not visit your page again. The higher the number the faster the background speed. The lower the number the slower the background speed.

Don't use moving Gifs to display your images on your pages when using these backgrounds, or this code. While the background moves on Web-TV the moving Gifs displayed on your page will stop moving for people using Web-TV. It is best to display the JPG or JPEG format on your page if your background is in a moving GIF or using these codes.

Here is how you make them work. Place the choice of your code after the quotations of the URL of your background. This code could be set up in your body tag as

<BODY BACKGROUND="( URL of GIF you are using )" yspeed="10">


<BODY BACKGROUND="( URL of GIF you are using )" xspeed="10">

As I have stated you can change the speed by changing the number in the html code. These codes only work for Web-TV. If your using Web-TV click the buttons below to display examples of how moving backgrounds work on your Web-TV.

Every time you click these two buttons you will get more background examples.

Speed Examples


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