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It drips blood for a vampire's breakfast!
It drips blood for a vampire's dinner!

The Legend of Vamp 102

By NetVoyager

Out of the darkness from the seamy side of the Internet, there is a powerful force felt. There is a new super hero found at

Fat Cat Cafe!

By day, he is a mild mannered, hard worker at Meijers, with friends all around.

You must listen well my friend, to this story, of a man and his lovely lady followers and devoted fans.

He flies through the Internet like a strong bat!

He becomes a world wide web vampire! He even has his own web site!

In his humble abode you may hear the loud thunder, of his music! You may find him cranking out the tunes of Kiss or Motley Crue! You may hear the sounds of a world wide wrestling television show!

If you are his friend, he will be there. Give him a call on this phone he found at the

Image Magick Tutorial.

If you abuse his friends at a Fat Cat Cafe chat room, you will feel his wrath!

Look out!

I warned you!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Super hero Vamp will be there, to take care of things, in modern dark Internet shadows style!

This takes you to more contact information.

Lightning strikes for vampires!Watch him turn into an angry Count Dracula!Lightning strikes twice!